Robert Downey Jr is on the cover of Men’s Fitness this month, and the man also known as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes talked a lot about his wife Susan, who is expecting their first child in February. (Downey also has a son from a previous relationship.)

While some celebrities say gushy, over the top stuff about how special their partners are, Downey is relatively low-key. “What can I even say about her? I’m crazy about her. Everybody’s opinion isn’t right all the time, but as far as averages go, if she wants to, she could hit to the same seat in the bleachers over and over and over again. That sort of consistency is awe-inspiring. We give each other the freedom to explore who and what we really are, which is great, because we’re always changing. I know I’ve changed a fair amount over the last decade, but she’s changed 10 times more than I have.”

Praising someone for being consistent seems weird, but in Downey’s case it makes perfect sense. Marriage is something you work on over a long time, and she serves a constant, unchanging role in his life. Considering Downey’s history with drug addiction and prison time, he probably relishes the chance to have someone consistent and dependable in his life. And since he spends a lot of time being “on” at work and while doing press junkets, I’m sure it’s refreshing to come home to somebody who doesn’t expect anything out of you. Consistent may be used interchangeably with “boring,” but here it’s the most loving thing a man could say about his partner. He doesn’t need to break out the flowery speeches or fawn all over how beautiful she is: their relationship is stable and committed enough that they know where they stand. Consistently.


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