Cosmo has put together a little list of things men don’t want women to know about them as a species. The list starts out with the predictable (“We masturbate – a lot.”), but then got to some pretty pleasing surprises.

For instance:

We Google You
Actually, we Google you, Twitter you, Facebook you, and if we had a friend in the FBI, we’d FBI you too. We’re hoping to discover anything you like or don’t like so we can say the right thing on dates. ”

Hooray, it’s not just girls who go a little overboard with the Facebook stalking!

This one was also a gem:

We Have Fat Days
We don’t expect to be Matthew McConaughey clones, but we’re still not as confident about our looks as we seem. We’ll put on a tee shirt and suddenly notice the start of a beer belly. Or we’ll pull on those favorite jeans only to find a pair of newborn love handles creeping over the top. “There’s no warning,” says Dave, 28. “I’ll see myself in the mirror and think When did I start looking like that?” Just noticing it is embarrassing — admitting it out loud would make us feel like, well, a girl. It’s nearly enough to cause a man to consider giving up his daily bacon-and-cheese breakfast sandwich. Nearly.”

I don’t know why, but I never, ever, think of men as having body-image issues, possibly because men don’t seem to be as vocal about it as women are. So it’s surprising and sort of comforting to know that men sometimes feel not entirely amazing about themselves, either.

The things you learn!

[4 Things Men Keep Private - Cosmo]


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