My friend Elaine recently began dating a new guy, Brian, and I was excited for the potential of their new relationship. But Elaine started getting flaky, turning down plans because she “might have plans with Brian.” When Brian wasn’t contacting her as much as she wanted, I watched Elaine’s mental state slowly deteriorate. Next thing I knew she was texting me to obsess over him and scrutinize even the shortest text message. I knew what was happening to her but why couldn’t she see it? Elaine had gone cray cray and needed to ditch the dude as soon as possible.

This situation has happened to almost everyone at some point. How do guys make perfectly sane, smart, beautiful women go crazy? Maybe it’s because women are natural caregivers. When we like someone we want to spend time with them, while it seems men continue to prioritize themselves first unless they are genuinely interested.

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If you’re in love, or you think you are, you might have your head in the clouds so high you don’t realize you’ve lost it. Get a reality check by steering clear of these cray-cray warning signs. And if you know someone who’s nearing the edge, feel free to send them this article. That’s what friends are for.

1. You’ve Made Someone Your Priority. They’ve Made You Their Option. In other words don’t change your whole life for a man that hasn’t made it clear that you are a priority to him. Not making weekend plans because he may ask you out is not a good idea. You’ll just seem too available, and you’ll be extra upset if he doesn’t ask you out.

2. You Haven’t Talked To Your Girlfriends — About Anything Other This Guy — In Awhile. Your friends are your support system. Go out, have fun and let them take your mind off of the relationship issues.

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3. You Have Some Free Time But You Have No Idea How To Fill It Because You’ve Forgotten What Your Passions Are. Don’t forget about your hobbies. If you like to work out then continue to hit the gym and get those endorphins moving. Maybe you enjoy painting, reading, or going to hear live music. Whatever you’re into about keep pursuing it. It will make you more appealing to guys if your busy and have interests.

4. You’re Wasting Important Mind Time On Him. Every time you start to think about him tell yourself to stop. Daydream about something else. Every time you want to text or call him call a friend instead. It sounds strange but eventually you won’t think of him as frequently.

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If you’re calling and waiting and getting into the obsessive/crazy zone and he’s not hitting you back, (let’s say this together): He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s okay. It happens to all of us.


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