Glamour blogger Melissa Melms wrote a piece today about how she needs a Slutty Makeover. She feels like she’s been dressing a little too primly lately.

It’s an interesting question, especially because women are always warned not to dress too provocatively, lest they be (unrightly) judged on their appearance. On a first date especially, it’s probably not a good idea to break the skimpiest outfit in your closet.

But there is something to be said for dressing, if not slutty (which has such a negative connotation!) , then at least sexy, especially if you’re single and, well, looking to mingle. What I mean to say is, if you want sexual attention, then dressing a certain way can certainly help you get it.

Single girls, do you think you dress “slutty” enough? Do you dress slutty ever? Why or why not?

[Dang Girl, You Need a Slutty Makeover]