Tara Subkoff might be having the worst week ever. The Imitation of Christ designer/Chloe Sevigny bestie reportedly got dumped by her fiance, Oscar-winning The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper, around the same time she discovered that she was knocked up. While stuff like this totally happens sometimes, it’s an extra sting to find out that the troubled couple had actively been trying to have a baby, relationship drama be damned.

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So now what? How should the ex-couple handle this situation? Well, Tom has to figure this out on his own, but Tara could take some inspiration from the classic novel Howard’s End and form a collective of awesome single moms who give each other emotional support and share kid-raising duties. Might we suggest starting with Kimberly Stewart (whose daughter Delilah was the result of a brief fling with Benicio del Toro), January Jones (who won’t identify the father of her newborn son Zander), and Minnie Driver (who is keeping quiet about son Henry’s father)? Think of the hilarious stories they could tell while drinking mimosas and watching Real Housewives? Somebody make this into a reality show already.


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