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How Hookup... Feed Our Inner Foodies

If you're a serious foodie, or if you would like to date a serious foodie (or if you just really like to eat), we suggest it's high time to consider attending the New York City Wine & Food Festival.

With too many celebrity chefs to list hosting/making appearances/generally hawking the event, this year's festival is too good to miss. You can count on the basics, such as wine seminars, culinary demos, dinners and tastings, but don't stop there -- you may want to sign up for something as obscure, and awesome, as farm-to-cone ice cream making. There are plenty of individual events to choose from in the jam-packed schedule, but, careful, 'cuz they are selling out like hotcakes. Better ask someone soon so you can snag your tickets.
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October 7-10, 2020

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    33 / Female / Straight

    Is it just me or I can't add this as a date?

    September 25, 2020 at 10:32pm

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