Joe Berkowitz, crusader for the widespread male usage of emoticons and the Everyman of single guys in New York City came up with a pretty great dating term this afternoon, which I’m promptly stealing and publishing here.

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Vali-Dating, n.: the act of going out with people, just to make sure that you can.

Ex 1.: “I was feeling emasculated, so I started vali-dating Emily. Nice to know I still got it!”

Ex. 2: “God, have you seen how about Twitter followers Tad has? So glad I vali-dated him for three weeks. Transitive property, and all that.”

Vali-dating is a dirty little secret that, as a responsible dating blogger, I absolutely cannot condone. (Leading people on = BAD.) But mannnnnnn does it feel good to sometimes go on a date with someone just to top-off your self-esteem a bit, or hook up with someone justto prove to yourself (and anyone else who happens to notice or hear about it) that you can totally hit that. Using someone else to give yourself a little pat on the back.

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I mean, no, no, don’t vali-date! It’s wrong!

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