Spring is in the air! Time to emerge from hibernation, single ladies — dating season has begun! But dinner and a movie or meeting a dude for a drink is just so boring. I hereby vow that my next first date is going to be something different and unique so, at the very least, I have a good time even if I don’t necessarily make a love connection. (Best case scenario — both occur? Awesome!) I came up with 25 date ideas that don’t simply involve a restaurant, movie ticket, or bar tab.

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1. Fly a kite.

2. Walk your dogs at the park or, if you don’t have dogs, watch the dogs at the dog park and discuss which ones you want to take home.

3. Volunteer — plant flowers with the Parks Dept., donate blood, or paint a school.

4. Play Scrabble at a coffee shop.

5. Go to a used bookstore and buy each other one book you think the person should read.

6. Take a hip-hop dance class.

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7. Get a psychic reading or have your tarot cards read. Discuss the accuracy — or lack thereof — as a starting point for getting to know each other.

8. Have breakfast before work.

9. See a free outdoor concert.

10. Go to a book reading.

11. Go bowling — winner buys the beer.

12. Go for a hike and bird watch.

13. Play miniature golf.

14. Go gallery hopping and talk about which paintings you’d buy if you were rich.

15. Play ping-pong.

16. Be a tourist in your own city and visit a local attraction that neither of you has ever been to.

17. Ride bikes.

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18. Tackle a rock climbing wall.

19. Karaoke!

20. Visit the Planetarium or Natural History Museum.

21. Learn to cook something yummy at the local culinary school.

22. If you’re going to eat dinner, do it progressively, which each course at a different restaurant.

23. Play hooky from work and have a picnic in the park.

24. Play chess at one of those outdoor tables.

25. Go somewhere with interesting scenery and sketch — then ask strangers to vote on whose drawing is better. Winner buys the loser a drink.

–By Amelia McDonell-Parry

This post was originally published on The Frisky.