The hashtag #top100femalelies has been trending on Twitter (that’s right! Get it all out on the internet, everyone!), and has culled a great list of them.

3 of them sounded particularly familiar to me, a girl who dates. Also they sounded familiar to me, a girl who has friends who are also girls who date.

In other words: yep, girls totally say this.


Lie #1

Hahahahaha, no. No, I’m not. I’m stuck in traffic and was already running late anyway because I decided to change my shirt 3 minutes before walking out the door. I’m just texting to assure you that I’m on my way, without assuming culpability of my tardiness. SEE YOU IN A FEW.

Lie #2

Unless, that is, the truth is something that would obviously make me mad, in which case, yes, definitely, I’ll be mad.

Lie #3

but you can read my tone, right? You can tell by my short, clipped response, my crossed arms, my unsmiling demeanor and my sudden fascination with my book or the scenery outside the window that something is very wrong and I’m too disgusted with you for not being able to intuit exactly what it is that it’s not even worth it for me to try to explain it to you, right?! So instead I’ll just sit here and stew and mentally compose an email to my best friend about this situation, and she’ll respond sympathetically, even though if she or I were to ever see our behavior mimicked in a romantic comedy or an unliked girlfriend of another friend, we would roll our eyes and lament her juvenile behavior and lack of maturity.


What other little, (mostly) harmless lies have you guys told or been told?

[10 White Lies Girls Tell to Guys]


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