Feeling a little…SADD lately? Apparently it’s a real thing: Men who can’t hold an erection due to the abundance and availability of internet porn. No, we swear.

Ian Kerner, sex therapist and founder of Good In Bed, says:

“Just as people with ADD are easily distracted, guys with SADD have become so accustomed to the high levels of visual novelty and stimulation that comes from internet porn that they’re unable to focus on real sex with a real woman.”

These guys are literally depleted, both mentally and physically, from too much masturbation. The solution? Kerner suggests laying off the porn. Genius.

Oh man. I don’t mean to laugh, but: HA! That’s a Midas curse if I’ve ever heard one.

Of course, we all know what the internet is for:

[The SADD Effect]