Maria Bello is gorgeous and successful, but there’s one thing she’s not great at — dating. Although she has been in serious relationships and was even engaged, the actress claims she didn’t even go on her first date until she was 44 and her first blind date when she was 45.

There’s nothing wrong with being a late bloomer. And she committed a classic blind date blunder: “I told the guy, ‘Hey, this is my first date ever.’ It was torment. I will never do it again … It was awful.” I’m not sure if the terrible part was the date itself or the guy’s reaction when she heard it was her first blind date, but it really could go either way.

While I totally know people who didn’t go on dates until they were older than “average,” I have a hard time buying Maria’s story. She mentions in the same interview that she was with one guy for two years and that she was also engaged to someone. Is it possible to be with someone for two years and never go on a date? It could be that she doesn’t consider it a date when a couple does something together, but I still don’t know how they managed to become a couple in the first place if they never went on a date. Were they friends who started hooking up and then made it official? Did she just grab a dude off the street and tell him they were boyfriend and girlfriend and he just went along with it? And how do you get engaged to someone without ever going on a date? If he can’t even take you out for a meal before he proposes to you then girl — you should rethink that ring.

Maria, we know it can be hard to jump into the dating world when you haven’t had a lot of practice. So we’d love to offer you a free membership to HowHookup. Maybe one of your suggestions can be “How Hookup go on a date?”

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