The Gloss has a post today, 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Geeks, which is funny and worth the read, but we tend to agree more with TheNextWeb’s 10 Reasons to Date a Geek, which thoughtfully outlines all the reasons self-proclaimed geeks make generous and caring partners: they’re loyal, they’re easy to please, they’re problem solvers, yadda yadda yadda.

Sure, those are all very salubrious reasons to date a geek. But there are other, shallower but undeniably compelling motivators…

1. Geeks Make Bank

You shouldn’t date someone for money. You should make your own money, and then if you happen to fall in love with someone with an equal or greater salary than yours, well, you’re looking at a pretty cushy lifestyle. And if you date a geek, well, let’s just say they’re probably not going to be hitting you up for cash any time soon. (Also? Geeks tend to spend their money on gadgets, and like, not much else. Male geeks will often own every possible Apple product on the market and own like, one flannel shirt. Whatevs.)

2. Immediate Access to All Kinds of TV

A good way to tell the difference between a geek and a nerd is that geeks are often obsessed with TV, whereas nerds just like PBS, The History Channel, and books.

Because a geek often has all the aforementioned extra cash (and, let’s face it, extra time on his or her hands from not hanging out at a sports bar or da club all night), their TV requirements are high tech. We’re talking premium channels and both Apple TV and its slightly lamer cousin, Hulu Plus. Netflix? Obviously. And definitely the box set DVDs of Dexter, Battlestar Gallactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Walking Dead.

And, on the off-chance that you need to immediately watch an episode of Downton Abbey that aired 3 minutes ago in the UK but won’t air in the US for another year? Some how, some way, they will download a bootleg copy for you.

3. Tech Support 24/7

Waiting in line for hours at the Genius Bar, only to have some college student ask you if you’ve tried restarting (YESIVEOBVIOUSLYTRIEDRESTARTING) is like, the worst kind of punishment for humans. Dating your own Genius? Schwiiing.

4. Geeks Are Empathetic

Most geeks, though intelligent, warm, attractive, and likable human beings, probably remember what it was like to hang out in the shady side of the Quad during lunch breaks, repelling any sort of interaction with members of the opposite sex. (True story: There was a group of guys at my high school who would wear green polo shirts on Fridays and meet in the Chem room during lunch to play Dungeons and Dragons. I wonder what happened to them! Are they single??)

This means that though they’ve long grown out of their most awkward awkward stage (a little residual awkwardness is to be expected?) they still remember what it was like to be the underdog. Which not only means they’ll treat you with respect, but they probably treat other people with respect, too. (And if they don’t, they’re jerks, which is completely separate from geekiness.)

5. Geeks Are Interesting, Interested People

One of the defining characteristic of geeks is that they like stuff: they think things are cool, they enjoy learning about them, and talking about them, and seeing new stuff, and trying new things. Which, in dating terms, makes for a really good long-term partner!

In the early stages of a relationship, everything is new, you’re learning about each other, and frankly, so attracted to one another that talking about appetizer/entree pairings suddenly seems enthralling.

But eventually, when you’re dating someone for 6 months, a year, two years, the initial gloss of attraction wears off, and you’re stuck actually listening to what the other person has to say.

So it’s nice to date a geek who has probably read a cool article that day, or who has intense opinions about the recent episode of whatever TV show you’ve started watching together, or who just heard about this new exhibit/restaurant/thing he or she wants to try that weekend.

A geek’s inherent enthusiasm for all the interesting things in life translates into a fun and vibrant life together.

Go geeks!

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