Being single can be tough, but a good wingwoman can make it easier. The best part? She’ll totally owe you one. Ask yourself these questions before you proceed, and you’ll set yourself up for good dating karma.

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1. Where Am I and What Is Going On? Is it a sports bar and everyone is watching the game? Is it an after work crowd and guys are amongst co-workers? Is it a weekend crowd and dudes are out with their friends? Being cognizant of your environment makes it easier to strike up a conversation with the opposite sex. If it’s a football game you can talk about where your alliance lies. If it’s an after work crowd you can strike up a conversation about where they work or if they work in the neighborhood. All of these topics make great segways to introduce your friend and her mutual interests.

2. Where is My Sweet Spot? Upon arrival do a walk around then find a spot and hang out there. When your friend sees someone they’re interested in, hang out in their proximity. Don’t be wallflowers and camp out in a booth miles away from the party. If your group is having a good time you will all be more appealing to the men in the room.

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3. Who’s My Friend’s Type? You know her better than anyone. Point out guys that you think she will like. She will either agree with you and thank you, or will disagree with you and be more inclined to select someone on her own. Either way, you’ve helped. (Good work, WW.)

4. Whatcha Drinkin? Ask that — or anything — to a promising guy at the bar. Trust me, it’s all it takes. Ask him whom he is with or talk about the scene at the bar. Invite him and his friends over to meet you and your friends. Boom! Instant Party.

 5. What Am I Going to Do Next? Now that you’ve introduced your friend to a man of interest, back off. Introduce yourself to someone else (even if it’s just the bartender) or hang out with other friends. Let your friend build the conversation alone and see if there is any sparks fly.

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6. Oh Wait, Is There Another Guy? If the guy came with a friend, there’s a random dude that needs to be entertained. That’s where you step in, even if you aren’t interested. Because that’s what friends are for.

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