Last weekend I saw The Grey, basically because I wanted to watch people be hunted down and mauled by wolves for two hours. But The Grey offered much, much more. It was set in beautiful, desolate Alaska, it was funny, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, there was an actual story (meaning, people were killed in horrible ways other than being mauled by wolves), and: Liam Neelson. Oh my God. In this movie, he plays some sort of badass Wolf Whisperer who kicks it into survival mode to try to keep his team alive as long as possible. He’s scruffy, determined, and has this sexy scratch on his face the whole time. (Hey, I live in New York City, where guys usually don’t have war wounds on their faces. The unusualness intrigues me.) At the end (spoiler alert) he attempts to fight like 15 wolves in their den by attaching broken, empty nips of alcohol to his knuckles in attempt to punch the wolves in the faces. I love this man.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to sexy, sexy Liam Neeson. If you’re single and into dudes, you might consider watching one of his movies in honor of the holiday. (If you have a boyfriend/manfriend/husband/partner, he can watch with you — just hope he doesn’t get too jealous.) Here are five more recommendations in addition to The Grey.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Liam Neeson’s voice is really high up on his list of  his sexy attributes. And his voice in Chronicles, as Aslon, is captivating. Tell us more, Alson.

Clash of the Titans: Not a great movie, but Liam Neeson plays Zeus. That is all.

Kingdom of Heaven: It’s a good, epic story that’s beautifully directed and fun to watch, even if you aren’t into that whole Christian Crusaders Who Are Also Liberal Humanists Willing To Die For The Sake Of Religous Tolerance thing.

Ethan Frome: Ooh, scandalous! Liam Neeson plays Ethan, a guy who gets someone (a beautiful woman) to help around the house when his wife Zeena gets sick. And Liam falls in love with the beautiful woman. Oh we hate her, don’t we? Cast the first stone, everyone. You have no idea what you’d do if Liam Neeson fell in love with you while you were caring for his sick wife.

Nell: Okay, I have not seen this movie yet. The IMDb description is so vague that it’s frustrating and intriguing:

In a remote woodland cabin, a small town doctor discovers Nell — a beautiful young hermit woman with many secrets.

A hermit woman with many secrets? I don’t even think I want to know. But whatever. Liam Neeson, everyone. St. Patrick’s Day! I’m adding it to my list. I’ll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: Yes, I left Love Actually off this list, as my editor pointed out. I realize that someone will be upset I’m saying this, but I had totally forgotten he was in Love Actually because I walked out of it and have spent years with a therapist trying to erase it from my memory. It’s okay, Liam. We all have bad days. But I’m not counting that movie on my list.

What’s your favorite Liam Neeson movie? And where do you fall on the Love/Hate Actually spectrum?

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