All Women Stalk just ran a piece on 7 Ways To Deal With A Love Triangle, and I’m going to warn you, there is a lot of thinking/evaluating emotions involved. I was half-hoping that the answer would be “put both of their names on pieces of paper and whichever one your cat starts chewing on is the guy of your dreams.” But it’s a lot more work.



It’s true, that when you’re in a love triangle (I’m acting like this happens to me all the time), your heart is screaming at you “PICK THIS GUY!” But for one reason or another, losing sleep over it and laboring forever and asking everyone about it is way more fun than listening to that annoying, logical voice. But if you really want to know, like, listen to the voice.



Connection is important (duh). So when you make a list of pros and cons for each guy (which is fine — just don’t let them see it), don’t get caught up on pros like “looks good in baseball pants” and “has a sweet stereo system”. That stuff doesn’t matter as much as totally clicking.



If you’re going to be in it for awhile, your personalities should probably jive. One guy might seem totally cool because he is like the Crown Crust Pizza — so crazy he seems like a really good idea on a whim and you kind of just want to try it for fun. But do you really want to eat that forever?

Read the other 4 ways here.

[All Women Stalk]

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