This week we took a big step towards transforming the homepage experience on HowHookup. Now, when you go to your homepage, the first thing you see is a stream of the dates that were “Just Posted.”

That means that you can see the dates matching people are posting — now — in realtime. It means your homepage will be changing all day — so check back! It means that the best way to be found on HowHookup (even more so than in the past) is to post dates — lots of them, all the time.

The second tab is TOP MATCHES; this contains the same dates that used to be on your homepage. Each day we send you a new set of matching dates; you can find them in TOP MATCHES.

The third tab is NEAREST; this contains the dates nearest to you. (‘Cause, if you’re in NYC, who really wants to trek to like 174th Street in this weather?) Note — this view is based on the zip code with which you signed up; also, dates that don’t have locations default to the zipcode of the person who posted the date.

The last tab is STARRED — finally an easy way to find all the dates you’ve bookmarked.

In the next few weeks expect: 1) a stream of people you can ask out; 2) a stream of trending dates; 3) better sorting and filtering of these streams; 4) better interaction with these streams – reposting, blocking, etc…

Enjoy! And please keep the ideas and feedback coming; we really do listen.