Some of the most popular dates in San Francisco, we’ve found, involve exploring the outdoors and being active. So we asked our friends at Scouted — a bite-sized guide to getting out and enjoying your day from start to finish — to propose some dates that get your heart racing.

1. Hike the Headlands

The date: How Hookup… hike (or bike or run) the Rodeo Ave loop in the Marin Headlands.

Why it’s great: It’s hard to get a more beautiful and accessible hike than this one. It’s just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the stunning hillside of the headlands. Depending on which of the many trails you take, there are ocean views or city views. Lunch after in Sausalito is a must.

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2. Golf in Golden Gate Park

The date: How Hookup… play golf (par three…for beginners) at the Golden Gate Park Golf Course .

Why it’s great: Golf can be snooty, but par three golf in Golden Gate Park is just fun. Bring a few cold beers in cans, walk the course, settle in for a great day. Crazy plaid pants are optional.

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3. Bike Across the Bridge

The date: How Hookup… bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and have brunch in Sausalito.

Why it’s great: A classic Bay Area activity and thus the makings of a great date. (Which is to say, you always talk about it but have never done it or you’ve done it before and know it rules.) The exhilarating feeling of cruising across that bridge really gets your blood flowing…

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4. Tennessee, Tennessee

The date: How Hookup… hike The date: How Hookup… hike Sweeney Ridge in Pacifica and then eat fish and chips at post it!

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