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NYC Date Ideas: Four Sweet Dates With Butter Lane Cupcakes

Every day, the debate over the best cupcakes in New York City rages on. One of the top contenders, Butter Lane, may just trump all the Magnolias and Crumbs out there with their adorable East Village bakery (with baking classes to boot).

Today, Alexis Lamster — food blogger at V-Neck and a Cardigan, photographer, and nutella lover — shares her top four date ideas involving these deliciously addictive cupcakes. (Plus, scroll down for a chance to win our cupcake class giveaway -- it makes a great first date!)

1. Sip and Split

The date: How Hookup… pack up two Butter Lane cupcakes and split them over
some coffee at Mudspot.

Why it’s great: Splitting cupcakes means you get the best of both worlds, and
if you’re smart you’ll try the Elvis cupcake (a banana cake with peanut butter
frosting, topped with two fluffy marshmallows). Sharing these treats in the back
garden of Mudspot, whether it be by candlelight or daylight, is the perfect setting
for your date.

Want to go? Click here.

2. Packing it Up

The date: How Hookup… grab some Butter Lane cupcakes and have ourselves a
picnic in Tompkins Square Park.

Why it’s great: A picnic basket, cupcakes, and a bottle of wine is the perfect way to spark conversation and to enjoy the best the East Village has to offer.

Want to go? Click here.

3. Good Eats on the Street

The date: How Hookup… go on a food crawl through 7th street, splitting lobster rolls from Luke’s, arepas from Caracas, and cupcakes from Butter Lane.

Why it’s great: Sharing lots of little meals means you not only get to eat delicious food, but you can get a little cozy in the process. This salty-sweet date is sure to satisfy all your (food) cravings.

Want to go? Click here.

4. Indulging in the Two C’s

The date: How Hookup… grab our aprons and take Butter Lane’s Cupcakes & Cocktails class together.

Why it’s great: Whoever decided to combine gin and icing should win a medal, maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your date to get playful in the kitchen while getting a little liquored up thanks to Bulldog Gin.

Want to go? Click here.

Hungry For Your Own Butter Lane Experience?

HowHookup and Butter Lane have teamed up to offer 2 free spots to the Couples Cupcake class on Friday, March 25 at 8:30pm.

Enter to win by following Alexis' lead and posting a date containing the words "Butter Lane."

Dates must be proposed by Monday 3/14/11 at noon to be entered into the contest. If you want to increase your chances of winning, tweet your date at us or post it on our Facebook wall.


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