We vaguely remember spring as a glorious time in Washington. As we continue commuting in winter jackets and boots, promises of cherry blossoms and Google-earthing the blocks surrounding our apartments (to see which neighboring buildings have pools we can charm our way into, of course) have kept us going strong. In DC, springtime doesn’t just bring flowers, trespassing, and a massive surge in tourism — it’s also when the city’s awesome social sports leagues start up for the season.

DC Social Sports‘ Project Director Zamir Ahmed sheds some light on athletic date ideas that can keep us fit, endorphin-filled, and entertained until then.

1. Hashing

The Date: How Hookup… put a fun spin on the traditional run and join a hashing group?

Why It’s Great: We all know going for a jog can be a pain, especially if you’re doing it alone. Why not increase your motivation and escape everyday stresse while getting to know someone better…and enjoy a few beverages along the way? A hash is the place to do it. For the unfamiliar, a hash is a run in which one or more “hares” set a trail for a pack of “hounds” to follow. Of course, some hashers choose to consume a few beers before, during, or (definitely) after the run to liven things up. Find a hash near you and get “fit” together.

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2. Laser Tag

The Date: How Hookup… pretend we’re the greatest action stars since Rambo (or Barney Stinson) and play laser tag at Ultrazone Laser Tag?

Why It’s Great: Ultrazone Laser Tag in Falls Church let’s you act out your action-adventure fantasies, if you don’t mind competing against teenager and youngsters (they can make for small targets). What better way to find out if you and your date have any chemistry than by teaming up and working together through the arena for the chance at glory? Just remember to stay low, move quickly, and keep firing.

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3. Bar Games

The Date: How Hookup… engage in a little friendly competition at Buffalo Billiards and see who is better at pool, darts, shuffleboard, foosball, and skeeball?

Why It’s Great: You don’t need to have bulging muscles or marathon endurance to excel in athletic competition, especially if you can play with a drink in your hand. Bar games offer a chance to get your competitive juices flowing but still engage in a little getting-to-know-you conversation (without the risk of bodily injury). Loser buys the next round?

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4. Kayaking

The Date: How Hookup… see the city from a new perspective and kayak along the waterfront?

Why It’s Great: Spring is finally here, which means soon you can escape the bustle of the city and discover peace and quiet on the area’s tranquil rivers. Georgetown offers many venues to rent a kayak or canoe and take your date on a leisurely trip along the historic waterfront – maybe even stopping off for a picnic. For the more adventurous, there are opportunities for a more challenging paddle only a short drive from the area. Wherever you choose to go, we don’t recommend jumping in for a swim.

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Intrigued by these date ideas?

This Friday, March 18 DC Social Sports hosts their DRAFT Mixer in Kalorama, where the beverages will be a-flowing and the balls will be a-tossing. Look for the HowHookup table for complimentary shooters! See ya there, sport (pun definitely intended).