Want to sip more than 250 different wines from around the world?

Awesome, because we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to Wine Riot LA’s opening night on Friday, March 25. You can enter to win the tickets by posting a date with the word “wine” in it by next Monday (3/21) at noon.

What is Wine Riot?

Here’s an event that makes wine, well, more drinkable than usual. Discover a new Cabernet from California, sip on a Malbec from Argentina, hit up German Rieslings and wash ‘em down with grapes no one can pronounce from Portugal. You can also hop in the photo booth, enjoy the DJ, and just plain have fun. The event is organized by Second Glass, which is owned and operated by a handful of people all under 30 who simply want everyone to drink more wine.

Good luck!

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