This has been a very confusing morning. The Frisky has a post up written by a girl who’s recently moved in with her boyfriend. Their cohabitating existence seems pretty normal–but HOW they decided to move in together is…unusual?

“I had just started calling J. my boyfriend when he asked me to move in – rather, told me I was moving in. He had posted my apartment on Craig’s List ‘just to gauge the response’ and within an hour received six. At work when he delivered the news, I kind of freaked.”

…….her boyfriend…

…………her boyfriend just….put her apartment on craigslist?

……..and then called her at work to tell her?

That is very weird! I don’t think you should put your girlfriend’s apartment on craigslist without her consent! On the other hand, they seem very happy together, so…maybe you should?

I don’t know how I feel about the world anymore. [The Frisky]

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