A food truck date is the perfect opportunity to try something new that’s different from a typical dinner-and-drinks date. Why not up the ante with a date at a food truck festival, where you have the chance to try out anywhere from 10 to 20+ varieties of street food at once?

We tracked down the infamous “Queen of Food Trucks” Joni Yung, aka The Accidental Yogist, who blogs about yoga and alternative transportation… and has sampled 200+ of the food trucks in Los Angeles and Orange County. Here are her top picks for small neighborhood truck gatherings (plus a two of the larger scale events) for you to dazzle your palate (and date!) with as many options as possible.

1. The Santa Monica Food Truck Lot

The date: How Hookup… head over to the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot (every Tuesday at Main St. and Ocean Park), grab a bite to eat and then enjoy a night cap at the Basement Tavern next door.

Why it’s great: It’s a low-key, weekly event for Westsiders, with ample space to either picnic on the lawn or cozy up to an outdoor table.

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2. Din-Din-A-Gogo

The date: How Hookup… pass on post-work happy hour and sample gourmet eats at a local DinDin-A-GoGo event.

Why it’s great: No reservations needed, vegetarian/vegan options available, and you can try foods from around the world without leaving a single parking lot. Open every Tuesday night in Highland Park and Los Alamitos; every Wednesday night in Irvine; every Thursday night in Torrance.

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3. Westchester First Fridays

The date: How Hookup… skip the parking nightmare and crowds of Abbot Kinney First Fridays and opt for the smaller, community-supported Westchester First Fridays for a food truck feast.

Why it’s great: Parking is ample, the neighborhood merchants are actually welcoming of the trucks and the crowds they bring, and there are less lines in comparison to most food truck events.

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4. Downtown LA Art Walk

The date: How Hookup… check out the mother of all food truck events and peruse the art galleries during Art Walk (held every second Tuesday of the month)..

Why it’s great: 30+ food trucks take over two open lots with live music, free entrance to art galleries and more. It’s one of the most unique events that the city has to offer, but be mindful of the crowds and parking.

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5. Truckit Fest

The date: How Hookup… take the metro to Union Station and check out the new monthly Truckit Fest.

Why it’s great: This new monthly event taking place every first Saturday of the month features 40+ food trucks, 200 local designers/artisans, live music, a beer garden and more. Plus is right across the street from Olivera Street, where you can explore the origins of Los Angeles in one small neighborhood.

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