Maroon 5 frontman slash The Voice judge Adam Levine sure is a hottie, and he’s fulfilling rock star rule #1 by dating a gorgeous lingerie model, Anne Vyalitsyna. However, although Adam is smart when it comes to championing aspiring singers, he’s pretty dumb about his birth control technique. Adam told Howard Stern that he doesn’t want to “ruin” his relationship with Anne, so he uses what he calls a “foolproof birth control system”: the pull-out method.

Hey, Adam, I don’t know if you cut class in high school to sit outside and brood shirtless or something, so let me give you some info you might have missed in health class: PULLING OUT DOES NOT WORK. It sounds like you’ve just been lucky so far, or maybe your girlfriend is also on the Pill but didn’t think to mention it since you think your genius technique works so well. And even if the pulling-out technique has thus far not resulted in pregnancy, it’s not an effective method for preventing STDs.

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Here are some things that are more reliable than the pull-out method:

  • Condoms
  • IUDs
  • The Pill
  • Getting a vasectomy
  • Abstinence
  • Not being a total maroon, er, moron

You can even have that advice free of charge. You’re welcome, Anne!

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