Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon showed up an an event yesterday wearing this dress, which came precariously close to … well … showing her little cheetah. The actress, who used to go out with Rob Kardashian, said that she loves being naked and would probably leave the house naked if she could. Well, this dress is pretty damn close to that.

I hate to sound like a grandma, but this dress leaves just about nothing to the imagination. Showing a sexy bit of skin but then leaving a guy wondering what else you have underneath that outfit is a great way to keep your date guessing. But flashing your crotch at him — and everyone else in the room — feels like an advertisement for your wares. There’s nothing wrong with being sexy, but this dress is the fashion equivalent of typing in all caps.

This dress will definitely get a guy’s attention, but is it the kind of attention you ultimately want? If Adrienne just wants to meet a guy, any guy, then her mission has been accomplished. But if she wants to meet a guy with a little substance who is interested in learning about who she is as a person in addition to thinking she’s hot? Maybe she could save this outfit for the third date. Or the bedroom.