This weekend, I watched an episode of the (shelved-for-now) Bravo Reality Show, The Love Broker. In it, Matchmaker Lori Zaslow urges all of her clients to secure a second date before the end of the first, if they’re having a good time.

“No one likes to be kept wondering!” She says.

I’m sort of in love with this theory. Can you imagine how much simpler dating would be if there were a strict code of conduct like this that everyone would adhere to? How cool to know, going into every date, that if the topic of a second date comes up (“You like Indian Food? Oh man, there’s this great place on Second, we should go sometime.”), you’ll be going out again, and if things end with a bland “This was fun!”, you shouldn’t put any energy into wondering whether he or she will text you to hang out again, because, no, they won’t.

Furthermore, I’m so not a believer in “playing it cool.” Sure, I wouldn’t advise saying anything along the lines of, like, “Brb, calling my mom and telling her I met the girl I’m going to marry.” But if you’re having a great time, if you’re into someone, what the hell is wrong with showing it? The worst part of dating, by far, is all the stupid guessing games you’re sometimes forced to play, including the very basic, “Will he or she want to go out again?” (Allow me to redirect you to this guy, as a prime example of how not to handle things.)

So, as far as asking someone out on a second date while still on the first, I’m totally on board. Worst case scenario? They say no. But then, they probably would have said no if you’d asked them out two days later, too.

What do you guys think? Am I leaning towards the overzealous? Or is this a rule you could get behind?