Yeah, this is one of those questions that isn’t so simple. I refuse to believe in the girls want to snuggle and talk and boys want to be alone thing. Boys want to do all sorts of things — snuggle, talk, shower, eat, text other girls in bed (this list is totally hypothetical and imagined, of course).

But Em & Lo asked, and their guy friends answered. Some snippets:

“I’ve definitely found myself at a diner or a convenience store with my partner post-sex at 3am for food and drink, but I’ve also at times been happy to snuggle and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Some bodies just fit together perfectly for snuggling and sleep, making that very appealing.”

“I’m a snuggler. My wife regularly gets on my case because she doesn’t even have a chance to get comfortable in bed before I roll over and fling a few limbs over her.”

“All in all, men have the same variety of emotions, desires, and needs that women do.”

To that last one: WHAT?!?!? This changes everything. Read more.

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