April 1: a great day to trick your S.O., right?



April Fools! These plane tickets aren’t to Cancun. We’re visiting my parents in Dayton!

April Fools! I always get down on one knee when I’m offering Cheetos.

April Fools! These aren’t actually keys to my apartment–I was hoping you could move my car.*

Too cruel? Yeah. (But funny in theory … just not if it happens to you.) We asked around the office what everyone’s best (worst?) April Fool’s Day relationship-related pranks were. From the team:

“I told my mom I was pregnant.”

“My friends posted a fake Missed Connection from a guy I’d dated briefly who’d started to get stalker-ish, saying he was desperate to get back together with me. I was freaked in a non-funny way.”

“A girl I know posted on Facebook that she and her long-term boyfriend were engaged. I cringed when I saw a number of “It’s about time!” comments, assuming (correctly) because of the date that it was an April Fool’s joke. After ‘fessing up later in the day, she proceeded to post some passive-aggressive, not-so-subtle hints that she wished their prank had been real.”

“My boyfriend was out of town and has a massive sneaker collection that he is obsessed with. I got drunk and took a picture of the shoe racks and made a Craigslist post that said “50+ collector sneakers for FREE, first come first serve!” Then I posted it on his Facebook wall. I obviously didn’t use my real phone number or address, but I immediately got so terrified that the Craigslist community would find out where I live, track me down and demand I fork over the sneakers (I was drunk, remember) that before my boyfriend even saw the Facebook post I had deleted the Craigslist post. I mean, if the Craigslisters wouldn’t have killed me, my boyfriend would have. What a prank fail.”

Now, your turn:

*These are from our favorite pick-up artists, Emily White and JK Payne! Love them.