I don’t know what it is about today, but I’m fooling in love with you.

Girl, you’re Fool’s gold. And I don’t ever want to know the real thing.

Guess what day it is? Let’s fool around. (I’m not joking.)

You’re cute. April Fool’s! You’re MINDBLOWINGLY SEXY.

That hipster dress is a joke. Better take it off.

You put the “oh oh” in “fool.”

It’s April Fool’s Day, and you look you could turn tricks, baby.

Girl, I’d let you flush the toilet while I’m in the shower.

Did someone replace the Splenda with cement? Cuz I just got really hard.

I have a box full of baby kittens in my room. Wanna see? …April Fool’s! But now that we’re here…

Are you Fool proof, or can I trick you into buying me a drink?

You make an April Fool out of me every day.

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