Tiger Woods Elin NordegrenThursday marks the beginning of The Masters Tournament, one of the biggest events in professional golf. And for the first time since splitting from his from super-model wife Elin Noredgren in December 2020, Tiger Woods is once again playing like a champion. People are excited.

Whether you follow golf or couldn’t care less about a tournament in which the winner gets a blazer, you probably have an opinion on Tiger Woods. So when one of our friends told us today that she’s not going on a second date with a guy because he mentioned he’s cheering for Tiger, we started wondering if other people agree.

“It’s a strong indicator of character,” she told us. ”I  wouldn’t go on a second date with a guy who left a bad tip. It’s the same thing.”

“If someone sympathizes with Tiger, they’re probably a jerk,” said another one of our staffers.

“If you’re rooting for the cheater, you’re probably a cheater yourself,” chimed in yet another friend.

So, now we ask you: are Tiger Woods fans undateble?

Would you date someone who roots for Tiger Woods?

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