Lilit Marcus

Lilit Marcus is a freelance travel writer who lives in Brooklyn and tries to get out of it as much as possible.

What Does the Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling Mean for You?

This morning, the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, the Defense Against Marriage Act, which declared that marriage was exclusively reserved for one man and one woman. We spoke to a matrimonial lawyer to find out what exactly that means.

20 Places You Think Are Great Proposal Spots (But Are Actually Terrible)

Though it looks super romantic for a character in a movie to propose at the top of the Empire State Building, in real life, the place is actually crowded with people trying to take pictures who are annoyed with you for taking up so much room.

25 Books You Should Read While You’re Single

Why say “single” like it’s a bad thing? One of the great perks of being unattached is the free time — time that can be spent catching up on all the great reading you’ve been meaning to do for the last 5 years.

Can’t Anyone Just Propose in Private Anymore?

While these stories of viral online proposals are pretty cute and a better use of the internet than, say, supercuts of models falling off of runways, they’re also part of an increasingly disturbing trend where every part of a relationship has to happen in public.


Dwight + Angela, and 10 More of the Weirdest Couples on TV

Though uptight office tattletale Angela and absurdist beet farmer Dwight finally made it work in the long run, they’re not the only mismatched TV couple who made us laugh, smile, and wonder what in the heck those two saw in each other.

The 10 Most Romantic Celebrity Couples

Whether they’ve been married six months or 25 years, all of these pairs show that love, humor, and honesty can build a relationship that survives anything – even fame. Everybody all together now: awwww.

The 10 Most Expensive Ways to Get Off

If the only thing that turns you on more than sex is money, then we have a couple of things you’ll need to add to your personal erotica collection.


It’s Great to Be Green: 10 Eco-Friendly Sex Toys & Products

People who want to get their green freak on don’t need to wait – there are plenty of companies out there who are making eco-friendly products for the bedroom.

Kim and Thurston: Saying Goodbye to the Power Couple

Maybe those Sonic Youth songs will never sound the same again. Maybe the band will never record another note. Here’s what I do know: these two people have plenty of power on their own, and they don’t get it from being with each other.


Not Every ‘Child-Free’ Woman Is Going to Change Her Mind

There are a lot of misconceptions you have to deal with when you’re childfree, but number one is the notion that you’re going to change your mind.