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i love my boyfriend

10 Ways to Stay on Her Good Side

I’m not saying you need latex bondage suits and gag balls and anal beads of various radii; just that sex gets stale if you treat it like breakfast or taking the trash out or anything else you build into your daily schedule.


10 Good Reasons Not to Sleep With ‘Anonymous Finance Guy’

“I don’t see anything wrong with paying a younger, beautiful girl to sleep with me.”


Ignoring Your Girlfriend to Tweet About How You’re Proposing To Her? You’re Doing It Wrong

How would you feel upon finding out that your new fiancé was retweeting other people’s tweets throughout the entirety of your special day together?

bad online dating photo

4 Pictures Every Guy Should Have on His Online Dating Profile

Let’s face it: profile pictures matter big time.


I Took the Male Birth Control Pledge. Will You?

I want Rush Limbaugh to call me a slut, too.


Summer Months Are Bad for Relationships, Says Facebook

Spring is high time for romance — but summer is ripe for breakups. At least on Facebook.


Hollywood’s Newest Couple We Love: Jason Segel and Michelle Williams

The following day — and in what I would consider stereotypically Segel-ese fashion — he was seen accompanying William’s six year-old daughter, Matilda, as she made some turns on her scooter.


Walk Of Shame Officially Something To Be Super Proud Of

The ad’s intent was to “show that women could also do the ‘Stride of Pride,’ which was how men were popularly referred to in the same situation.”

unwanted boyfriend

4 Ways to Turn Someone Down Without Looking (Or Feeling) Like a Jerk

Rejection: often equally painful for both rejector and rejectee.


How Nailing your P.D.A. Style Can Make Your Relationship Better

Emotionally giving types are drawn to emotionally reserved types because they like to elicit affection from someone who doesn’t express it easily. Reserved types reciprocate this attraction because beyond the surface, most of them like to be drawn out. Hugged. Held. Kissed.


Women Are Orgasming All Over The Gym, Says Science

You might sign up for the Captain’s Chair now, because after this study hits the web, there’s going to be a long line.


A Winning Formula for Your Celebrity Divorce Pool

It’s tabloid fame that dooms you.


8 Tips for Recovering Your Stuff After a Breakup

Tiffany’s bracelet: yours. Grandma’s Tiffany’s bracelet: not yours.


Noisy Sex Is Usually Fake, Says Science

Most women’s mid-coital moans are, in fact, performative in function. Rather than — you know — an involuntary reaction to the indomitable sexual prowess of their partners.


We Don’t Know How to Use Condoms Correctly, Says Science

As Lil’ Wayne once said, “Safe sex is great sex.” So make sure you’re using those rubbers correctly.


4 Things To Remember When You Have No Idea What To Say To Her

If this doesn’t sound familiar, I salute you. You must be one of those swashbuckling and most enviable of gentlemen who has already conquered his juvenile fear of talking to girls and perhaps — gasp! — being rejected.


Put Down The Man Mag and Just Have Sex Already

We don’t have to ask for a show of hands to find out how many guys read men’s magazines. There… Read More