I know it may sound absurd to take birth control advice from Levi Johnston — after all, the guy has just knocked up another woman and he just barely reached the legal drinking age. But a great tip is to find out whatever Levi and his girlfriend of choice are doing, and then do the opposite of that.

Here’s an example. Today, Levi gave an interview about the impending birth of his second kid: “There was a time we went to the cabin and forgot the birth control pills and, you know, about a month later we found out we were having a baby.” In other words, Levi and his lady friend (her name’s Sunny Oglesby) went on vacation and got careless. Or maybe they just didn’t bother to pack the birth control at all.

So, how do you work with that? The takeaway: you still have to use birth control when you’re on vacation. Screwing in another country or state still counts as screwing. Sex is sex no matter where you have it! Also, never get knocked up by someone who has to go on TV to defend his parenting choices.