Brooklyn Decker is making the transition from model to actress with her new role in Battleship. She’s on the cover of Women’s Health this month talking about how she stays in bikini-model shape and about what it’s like being married to an athlete (tennis player Andy Roddick). She says that while she and her husband do a lot of activities together, she mostly stays the heck off of the tennis court. “He tried to give me a lesson once, and I ended up hitting all the tennis balls over the fence and smashing my racket because I was so frustrated,” she said. “I told him, ‘You don’t teach me how to play tennis and I won’t teach you how to model in a bathing suit.’”

This may sound crazy, but couples don’t actually have to do everything together. Brooklyn and Andy aren’t going to become a championship doubles team, and that’s okay. While it’s important to have shared interests and hobbies, it doesn’t mean that couples have to like everything the same. Brooklyn can still support her husband’s job by cheering him on in the stands, and he can still support her by seeing her movies and attending her premieres. When couples can each pursue their own passions, they come back to each other renewed and re-energized. Besides, what will you have to talk about at dinner if you do every single thing together?

Brooklyn makes the excellent point that tennis isn’t just Andy’s hobby — it’s his job. Tons of couples work in different career fields and manage to stay married. Wouldn’t you think it was weird if someone followed his or her spouse to work every day? I commend the Roddick-Deckers on making their marriage work, even if this means that we won’t get to see pictures of Andy modeling swimsuits.

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