No Luck With Girls? Learn French.

One man teaches us that you can get a lot of phone numbers just by speaking French to the ladies.

The Cohabitation Talk: How to Tell Your Parents You’re Moving In Together

There’s one huge thing on your cohabitation checklist that you can’t ignore: telling your parents


The History of Sixty-Nine

I’m an adult, and if I’m going to continue to snicker whenever someone says 69, I figured at least I (and, by extension, you) should know a little bit of history of the term.


6 Things Not To Share Unless You’re SURE You Won’t Break Up

Part of the thrill of dating is taking a risk on another human being and opening your heart to them. Just maybe hold off on opening yourself up to splitting that CSA share with him until you’re really sure…


Nightmare Alert: Married Couple Discover They Are Twins Separated at Birth

Horrifying, traumatic, and sadly, not even that rare.


Why Your Dating Life Depends on a Good Night’s Sleep

Staying well-rested has been elevated from a “no, duh” issue to full on “NO, SERIOUSLY GUYS,” thanks to a recent study published in Sleep magazine.

robot heart4468545_600

Breakup Vines and the Future of Dumping

One day, we’ll all break up via Google Glass (or have our robots do it for us).

8 Ways To Keep The Surprise In a Relationship

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The Ultimate Device for Keeping Your Private Life Private — And It Comes in Black!

The Nymi is here to ensure that no one ever stumbles upon your history of Facebook stalking attractive coworkers.

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How To Flirt By Spotify Playlist

In love we are mostly all 14-year-olds listening meaningfully to Taylor Swift.