Awkwardness Be Gone: The Right Way to End a First Date in Every Scenario

Whether she blew your mind or bored you to the death, there’s a non-awkward way to cap off the evening.

Aretha Franklin

What Your Favorite Cereal Says About You To A One Night Stand

Do the hospitable thing and offer your one night stand a little breakfast.


21 Signs Your One Night Stand Was Awesome

#14 You’ve started naked rapping in the mirror again.


22 Unfortunate Signs Your One Night Stand Was A Terrible Idea

14. He greets you with, “Good morning, my wife!”


10 Best Post-Sex Foods

We all know what you’re not supposed to eat before sex: the three Bs — beans, burritos, bath salts. But what makes the perfect post-coital snack?


9 Ways To Get Him To Leave Your Apartment The Morning After

#4 Stage a fake phone call to your fake boyfriend, whose fake name is Bone Thug Murderer.


21 Reasons He Didn’t Call

“If I don’t call a girl, it is most likely because I don’t want to touch her butt.”

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The 13 Songs That Immediately Take Me Back to Past Relationships

A lot of people keep some sort of memento from past relationships, whether it’s a collection of photos, ticket stubs or, in one friend’s case, a pair of boxers she uses to clean her bathroom. I, on the other hand, keep a list of songs that have been marked for life.


4 Things to Remember If You Never Hear from Them Again

It’s a win-win.