Sex In the City Wingwomen

9 Ways to Be a Better Wingwoman (From a Guy’s POV)

Unlike the wingman who only has to help his male friend, the wingwoman is counted on by both parties. We want you to succeed as much as you and your friend do.


What NOT to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, let’s do one another a favor and exchange gifts that elicit genuine gratitude. With that in mind, here is an inventory of some things men DON’T want this Valentine’s Day.


The 6 Types of Female Sports Fans

From the All Knowing to the Nurturer to the (ugh) Fair Weather, here are the 6 types of fans you might encounter this weekend.


4 Rules for My Fantasy Ex-Boyfriend Island

It’s not that I want to punish my exes. They can be happy! They just can never remind me they exist.


10 Secret Perks of Going Through a Break-Up

Breakups suck, but there’s a silver lining. We promise.


6 Things Women Really Need to Stop Letting Interfere with Their Sex Lives

Never have I ever heard of foreplay coming to a screeching halt because a guy discovered stretch marks.


Sh*t Guys Say to Girls (When They’re Not Really Interested)

At the first sound of any of these lines from that guy you’ve been hoping to progress your “sort of” relationship into something more, run. Don’t walk. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. Just run.


4 Signs You’re Doing The Crazy Girl Thing

Don’t change your whole life for a man who hasn’t made it clear that you are a priority to him. Not making weekend plans because he “may” ask you out is not a good idea.


Do You Dress “Slutty” Enough?

Sometimes, dressing a little provocatively is a good thing.


Girl Code and Dating: The Official Rules

Sure, all relationships and friendships are different, but when it comes to navigating dating and friendships, some rules apply in all situations.


4 Things Men Keep Private From Women

Cosmo has put together a little list of things men don’t want women to know about them as a species. The list starts out with the predictable (“We masturbate – a lot.”), but then got to some pretty pleasing surprises.


The 5 Signs You’re A Filler Girlfriend

I have a lot of straight male friends. I’m not dating any of them, but I recently realized: I’m their “filler” girlfriend.


Best of 2020: 5 “Imperfections” That Guys Find Totally Hot

Listen: women don’t have to be completely hairless with 0% body fat and guys who think so are not “normal”: They’re fetishists.

5 Gifts for Your Hipster Boyfriend

Thanks to the Smiths, he knows how to be emotionally vulnerable and thanks to the tattoos, you find him dead sexy. That’s a pretty great hipster boyfriend you have there.


5 Classic, Stylish Gifts for Your Fashion-Challenged Boyfriend

The handiest, dandiest, most useful gift guide you’ve seen yet. We promise.


Dating A Bro? Here’s What To Get Him For Christmas

There’s a new website to help you pick out exactly what to get him for Christmas/his birthday/Valentine’s Day/any other gift-giving celebration you’ll partake in for the rest of your relationship.


Fantasy vs. Reality: 5 Types of Men and What It’s Really Like to Date Them

There comes a point in every woman’s life when she thinks it’s a good idea to date a starving artist or a hotel-destroying musician. But does the reality of these coveted guy “types” ever live up to the fantasy?


15 Best Friend Dating Commandments

Think about it: who’s a bigger part of your dating life than your best friend?


Turn-On Or Turn-Off: Guys Who Flaunt Their Money

I don’t care if you can pay my telephone bills, can pay my automo’bills: flaunting your money is a major dealbreaker.