3 Reasons Guys Shouldn’t Dread Valentine’s Day

So even if you’re not going out with a girl, go out.


5 Things Not to Get Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Before you buy that big orange watch or those really dangly earrings, ask yourself: would my girlfriend like a big, orange watch? Has she ever worn long earrings before?


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The Art of the Touch: 5 Ways to Show Interest Without Being Creepy

“I’ve been told that touching is important if I want to make a connection, but I’m worried about being too forward. How can I make physical contact on a first date without creeping her out?”


Guys: This Is What It Means When She’ll Sleep Over But Won’t Have Sex

If she’s sleeping with you, but not having sex, she might not be that into you…but she’s probably a little bit into you.


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How To Be A Modern Gentleman

Here’s a timeless truism: women want to date gentlemen, and they have always wanted to date a gentlemen. Here are some guidelines which will make you not only a better person, but a better date.


Fantasy Vs. Reality: 5 Types of Women and What It’s Really Like to Date Them

Is there a time when the song “I’m in Love with a Stripper” actually applied to you, guy? Yeah, we’ve all been there — in a “something” with a certain type of gal or dude we wanted to date just to say we did.


6 Types Of Women Who Won’t Make You Happy

Last week, we listed the different types of men who won’t make women happy, so it’s only fair we turn the same critical eye to women.


8 Things Women Love And Hate About Facial Hair

Sure, some women are more into beards than others, but whether we like our men clean-shaven or scruffy, there are some traits women find universally appealing — any annoying — about facial hair.


Are You “THAT Guy”? 15 Surefire Ways to Tell

Who is THAT guy? It’s simple: He’s the guy that you don’t want to be. But, are you THAT guy? How can you tell?


8 Things About Sexting That Actually Turn Women On

Texting pics of the family jewels seems to be so common these days that one has to wonder if it ever works. I found several women willing to talk openly about their sexting habits and what’s in it for them.


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Here are five things a girl would hope to find while spending the night with an adult.


6 Perfectly Good Reasons To Be Afraid of Commitment

Being a bit spooked when it comes to partnering up actually may not be completely irrational. It’s likely that there may be reasonable concerns behind the hesitation which should be respected and addressed.


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Everyone knows you’re supposed to wait 3 days to call. But if everyone knows that, is it still effective?

10 Places To Meet Women (Besides Bars)

Meeting women isn’t easy. Meeting women that you’re actually interested in is even harder, especially when all you’ve got is the bar scene to rely on.


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Will a new pheromone-loaded spray help geeks get laid?

6 “Psycho” Things That Women Do That Are Actually Pretty Reasonable

When we call a woman psycho, we dismiss her completely and suggest that she has no grounds for her emotions and behavior. Let’s be honest — 7 times out of 10, the guy did something.

Why Do Men Commit? (You Tell US.)

Science tells us that it’s against their nature, but men decide to commit all the time. Help us out and tell us why you do it, guys.


The People Have Spoken: Button-Down Shirts Are the Best Option For First Dates

Polo shirts and graphic tees are out; button down shirts are in.