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Guess How Frequently Single Men Change Their Sheets. (The Answer Is Horrifying.)

Single men have gross sheets.


The 8 Stages of Being The Only Single Friend

Some things in life are fun and depressing at the same time!

25 Books You Should Read While You’re Single

Why say “single” like it’s a bad thing? One of the great perks of being unattached is the free time — time that can be spent catching up on all the great reading you’ve been meaning to do for the last 5 years.


The Best Way to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

There’s plenty of dating to be done on every other day of the year, glittery hearts not required.


So, Would You Agree To Be Set Up By Your Therapist?

Ethically, it’s questionable, but not an outright violation of the patient-therapist code of conduct.


The Eight Degrees of Singlehood: Where Do You Fall On the List?

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10 Ways to Get Back Into the Dating Scene This Holiday Season

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The Five Friends You Must Have When You’re Single

It takes a village — or, more accurately, a panel: these are the 5 friend types we rely on when we’re single.


There’s No Good Female Equivalent for the Word “Bachelor.” Let’s Fix That.

Everyone already has the right associations with “bachelor,” and there’s nothing inherent in the word that means it has to apply to men.

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How to Win a Guy’s Heart

You can’t win a guy’s heart, make him love you, or make him date you, or make him do anything. Men cannot be manipulated into feeling an emotion that is not there.