HowHookup Date of the Day: It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

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5 Ingredients for the Perfect Boston Date

Boston. The so-called Athens of America and the setting of the our favorite Mark Wahlberg movies. But what’s it like to date here? Click to find out.


Where to Date in Boston: The Top 10 Date Spots

Want to know the top date spots on Boston? Check it out.


Boston Date Idea: How Hookup… Explore the Seaport District

A gorgeous new art museum, the freshest seafood you can get, and a breathtaking view of the water make the Seaport a world-class romantic destination, right in your hometown.

Sporty, Hungry, Thirsty and Wicked Smaht: Boston Dating Trends

Bostonian singles are as cultured as they are fun-loving and it really shows in the dates they’re going on.


So… Wanna Play? 5 Social Sports Dates in Boston

If your idea of a great date involves a little motor coordination and a tiny lick of competitive spirit, lucky you. Justin Obey’s favorite active date ideas in Boston inject a little sweaty sweetness where it counts most.


Win Tickets to Wine Riot Boston

Want to sip more than 250 different wines from around the world? Awesome, because we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to Wine Riot Boston on Saturday, April 23.


Forget the U-Haul: 10 Devilishly Good Girl-on-Girl Dates

Between defying gravity and seeking out bad art, these Boston date ideas blow dinner-and-a-movie right out of the water. Ashley Lucas, founder of Diffuse 5, curates 10 adorably adventurous queer-friendly dates.


6 Killer Dates by the Leading Ladies of “Why Not Boston”

Trish and Lex, the leading ladies of “Why Not Boston,” get up close and personal with their sure-fire, bare-knuckled, bandied-about date ideas that’ll be sure to win every heart you woo.


10 Boston Dates That Do a Body Good

Between vinyasas and samosas, Rebecca Pacheco (OmGal) keeps it all in beautiful balance as a pillar of strength in Boston. Find your solar plexus and delectable oysters on these holistic (and teensy bit hedonistic) dates.


Boston Date Contest: Win Baroque Music Tickets

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to L’Academie’s performance of Picture it, Sicily, 2020 in Boston on either April 8 or April 9 — enter to win now!


Boston ♥ Beer ♥ Grilled Cheese ♥ Party

On April 8th (6-8pm) in Boston, join HowHookup for an event that brings together beer and cheese.


Maybe It’ll Become Your Song? Can’t Go Wrong with These 6 Boston Live Music Dates

Noel Coakley, founder of the annual New England Americana Festival (happening March 31 to April 2, 2020 at Church, is a generous fellow. He doles 6 live-music concert dates that’ll keep musical tension and spirits high.


Kill ‘em with Class: 6 Kickass Cultural Dates in Boston

Cue the violins: Jonathan Carlson and Ina Chu of the Handel and Haydn Society put the classy in classical music with these adventurous cultural excursions in Boston.


How Hookup…Go To The Symphony?

Last week, we went lowbrow with our middle school date contest. This week we’re going highbrow and giving away a pair of tickets to the symphony.


With 6 Dates, an Urban Safari in Boston Gets Wild

No one gets eaten alive by a lion if everyone pays attention. Tame the wilderness with blogger Cristy Maldonado of Get Out: Planning an Urban Safari in Boston.

Boston Event: Middlesex & a Movie – Tuesday, 3/8

On Tuesday, March 8, spice up your dinner & movie date with our screening of An Island, an experimental music film by French filmmaker Vincent Moon.


10 Ways to Impress a Cutie Foodie in Boston

For a food lover, sometimes boiled peanuts can be the sexiest food in the world—not to mention Korean fried chicken, Fernet Branca, or the humble and messy taco.


OMG Red Velvet! Supporting Lovin’ Spoonfuls ‘Til We’re Red in the Face

HowHookup cozied up with some of the best chefs and sweetsmakers in Boston and their awesomely original red velvet concoctions at Flour Bakery.


How Hookup… win tickets to see ImprovBoston.

Propose a Shaq-tastic date to win tickets to ImprovBoston!