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DateCam: The Morning-After Video?!

It looks like Bianca and James’ DateCam blind date went better than we previously anticipated!

3 Things We Learned About Dating From James and Bianca’s DateCam Date

You can learn a lot from a blind date if you watch the couple’s every move.

DateCam Recap: Highlight Reel, Exit Interviews, And The First Kiss!

The date started out awkwardly, but ended with a kiss! Who’d have thunk it?


Watch Live Tonight! DateCam: Bianca And James

Watch two twenty-something New Yorkers on a blind date, live.


The DateCam Drinking Game: Watch A Livestreamed Blind Date On Monday & Drink Along With Us

Planning on watching the HowHookup DateCam on Monday? Now you can play along as you watch along, with the DateCam Drinking Game!


HowHookup’s DateCam: Meet James, And Watch Him Go On A Date

On Monday, we met Bianca. Now, meet James, and tune in next Monday to watch them go on a blind date.


HowHookup’s DateCam: Meet Bianca From Small Girls PR, And Watch Her Go On A Date Next Week!

“Well, I like dating and I like cameras, so I think this is probably a win/win kind of thing. Also, it saves me the trouble of giving my friends the ‘date report’ the next day.”

DateCam Recap: Our Couple Make Out On Camera, Ride Off On A Vespa

Nick and Maya kiss for the camera, and head off into the night…on a vespa.

Tonight’s DateCam: We’re Livestreaming Nick & Maya’s First Date — And There Will Be Pie

Will there be sparks? Will there be romance? No way to tell, but by god, there will be pie!

DateCam #3 Recap: The Couple Gets Iced

Monday night we held our third DateCam in which we sent a couple of brave New Yorkers, Andrew and Malia (or “Drewlia” as they were dubbed), on a blind date — and livestreamed the whole thing.

DateCam #3: Watch Malia and Andrew on a LIVESTREAMED Blind Date, TONIGHT at 8 p.m.

Watch Malia and Andrew’s actual first date and comment anonymously in real-time! Tonight at 8pm right here on The Date Report.

DateCam Recap: Jameson, Juggling, and Shiny Things

Last night we held our second DateCam experiment in which we sent a couple on a blind date and livestreamed the whole thing. Commenters analyzed the daters’ body language and made them perform tricks for our amusement.

LIVESTREAM TONIGHT, 7/18: Watch a Real Couple on a Real Blind Date

Want to watch two strangers on a real, livestreaming blind date tonight? Of course you do.


Meet Keith and Mary — We’re Livestreaming their Blind Date Tonight

Tonight, these two singles are meeting for the first time — live, on camera. Tune in right here at 8 p.m. EST to see how real people act on real dates.


LIVESTREAM TONIGHT: Watch a Real Couple on a Real Blind Date

What do real people talk about on dates? We’re about to find out.

DateCam: Meet Tonight’s Daters!

These two singles are meeting tonight for the first time — live, on camera.