The Best Music Dates In DC

With the summer heat about to recede, head back indoors for a date at one of the city’s top live music venues.


D.C. Date Ideas: The Best Georgetown Bar Dates

Those who want the Georgetown ambience on a date that doesn’t revolve around student dives or the Kens and Barbies of the Late Night Shots can find a (small) handful of grownup (and, in some cases, down-to-earth) alternatives.


The Best Beer Dates In Washington, D.C.

D.C. craft beer culture is booming! Here are our top picks for amazing beer selections paired with date-friendly atmospheres.

D.C. Date Ideas: The 7 Best Offbeat Dates

In a bureaucratic city that doesn’t get enough love for its quirks, here are some underrated and off-kilter cultural attractions where you and your date can soak up knowledge while (in some instances) avoiding the crowds.

The Best Historical (and President-Approved) Restaurant Dates in D.C.

While Washington may never rival New York or San Francisco as a darling of the food press, there are more than enough indigenous offerings to do a resident—or hungry couple—proud.

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D.C. Date Ideas: The Best Partisan Bar Dates

Here are a handful of the most partisan bars in town for lovebirds interested in more than just bedroom politics.

DC Date Ideas: The Best Museum Dates

In some cases, freedom’s just another word for suffocating crowds. But decent timing can help you and your date beat the hordes as your take in some of the country’s premier artistic, literary and technological attractions.


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The 5 Ingredients for a Perfect D.C. Date

Could HowHookup users in D.C. be America’s best daters? They’re quirky, civic-minded, and know how to have fun. We ran their proposed dates through a word cloud generator, so you can see for yourself.