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How Hookup... Enjoy Art While Making a Difference

This Saturday, you can get to know your date a little better (body painting, anyone?) while helping a good cause at Art for Life: a benefit to bring clean water to victims of the Haiti earthquake. Read full article »

How Hookup... Fine Dine at the Ultimate Food Court

Under normal circumstances, taking your date to a food court is not a good idea. But sometimes, circumstances change: What if the food court was manned by Molto Mario? Batali himself has teamed up with the culinary-super-star Bastianich family, bringing you the food court of all food courts. Welcome to Eataly. Read full article »

How Hookup... Bet on a Tennis Match

It's tennis time. Men's singles, women's singles, men's and women's doubles, mixed and more -- take your pick & buy a ticket. The U.S. Open is here, and by here, we mean you can hop on the subway, go to Queens and check out a match. Read full article »

Business + Pleasure on the Gawker Rooftop

If you're a hack (content creator, writer, photographer, videographer, etc.), a hacker (engineer, developer, designer, etc.), or both, you won't want to miss the next Hacks/Hackers Summer Media Mixer, hosted by Gawker Media: Join 200 other fellow journalists, developers, new media moguls and enterprising minds on Sept. 8, 2020, on Gawker's legendary 5,000-square-foot rooftop. Read full article »

Win Tickets to an Advance Screening from IFC Films and HowHookup

Want to check out a delightful French film at Soho House before it hits theaters? Well, you're in luck: IFC Films and HowHookup invite you and a date to a special advance screening of HeartBreaker at Soho House -- click through to find out how to get on the list. Read full article »

How Hookup... Hunt for Berries

It's been a hot summer. (Understatement of the year?) Record-breaking heat waves called for a certain kind of date, filled with Popsicles and swimming pools. But this also happens to be the type of heat that has brought berry season right up under our noses. Now that the weather has cooled down, why not to take a little road trip to Patty's Berry and Bunches? Your dessert is just waiting to be picked and eaten. Read full article »

How Hookup... Do the Charleston

Flappers. Bathtub gin. All-around decadence. Your next date is straight out of the pages of a Fitzgerald novel. This weekend, on a tiny island off of Manhattan, you can go back in time. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is where it's at -- 2020's was voted one of the year's most memorable parties by the New York Times. Read full article »

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