Megaburgerpizza: It’s a Burger. And the Bun is Pizza.

A bunch of burgers sandwiched between two fully formed 11-inch pizzas, with pickles, onions, and of course, more cheese.


10 Reasons to Date a Beer Drinker

There are always those who prefer wine or cocktails over a good brew, but honestly, we all know they’re wrong.


How To Picnic at 30,000 Feet

Three gourmet picnics to pack the next time you get on an airplane. (Guaranteed to make your entire row jealous.)

Your Amazing Vegan Dinner Date, Part 3: Decadent Chocolate Cake

Baking without butter, milk, or eggs? No problem. You won’t miss any of that stuff in this really easy-to-make dessert that’s all decadence.


Your Amazing Vegan Dinner Date, Part 2: Eggplant Caviar

This week, Ben Pomeroy is sharing his favorite recipes for when you’re cooking for a vegan date and you don’t know what to serve.

Help I'm Dating a Vegan Woman at Vegetable Stand

Help! I’m Dating a Vegan And I Don’t Know What to Cook

How do you make something sexy and vegan if all you know when wooing a woman is how to make smoked bacon wrapped scallops and rich creamy alfredo sauce?


Two Easy, Gourmet Recipes for Your Next Camping Date

You two will sup on a couple of the best meals of your life — cooked by you on a camping stove. Not a pro in the kitchen? Don’t worry. Even a soggy granola bar tastes incredible after a day’s hike.

10 Disasters in the Kitchen: Lessons Learned from Cooking for Love

Running out of wine is like somebody throwing on the lights during the slow dance at a middle school mixer: If it doesn’t bring things to a complete halt, it at least changes the momentum pretty fast.


What to Drink Before a Date

One (obvious, timeless) way to quell the pre-date jitters is to have a drink.

How to Order on a Date: A Guide for Every Situation

Does ordering (or, more specifically, pronouncing?) food or drinks on a date make you nervous? Worry no more. You’ll never be tongue-tied in front of a bartender, waiter, or date, again.