British Royals in Love: A Complete Timeline

A look at the best love affairs — and scandals! — of the British monarchy.

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The Sexiest College Courses You Can Take This Semester

You can now take a class on Friends With Benefits at Harvard.


Don’t You Wish Your Boyfriend Dressed Like These Guys?

In honor of NYFW, here’s a roundup of a bunch of guys who dress the way you wish your boyfriend would! Or if you’re lucky, the way your boyfriend already does!


Men and Women Who Love Men and Women: Bisexuals in Fiction

With the hit series “Orange is the New Black,” stirring up debate about the portrayal of bisexuality in pop culture, these memorable literary characters who love both men and women tell a variety of other stories.


Bill Murray is an Awkward Kisser: A Supercut

Bill Murray, possibly the world’s strangest kisser.


The Dating Wire: Clint Eastwood Involved in Possible Wife Swap (!)

Clint Eastwood and his ex have been seen out and about with another pair of ex-spouses.


What Your Birthday Says About You On a Date

A blog that lets you check your compatibility with someone, based on the day you were born.


The History of Sixty-Nine

I’m an adult, and if I’m going to continue to snicker whenever someone says 69, I figured at least I (and, by extension, you) should know a little bit of history of the term.


Dogs Peaked in ’05, and Other Wedding Announcement Fads

According to’s stats on the NYT Wedding Announcement, dogs were popular to include until about ’05, and there’s been a sharp decline in Master’s Degrees…


The Dating Wire: What It’s Like to Go to a Twerking Class

Apparently it takes a “core like granite.”