Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs All About Makin’ Out

Writer’s Note: It would appear that Prince doesn’t allow his music to see the light of YouTube. Our loss is not his gain. Prince’s “Kiss” is replaced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; what they lack in subtly, they make up for with penis socks.


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs That Are Learning To Love Again

It’s time to wake up, dramatically throw open your front door, and shout, “Hey World, I’m ready to love again!”


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs That Are Not Quite Over Love

We can’t all rebound at a moment’s notice, but we can take one last look at what we lost before moving on. Spend this weekend burrowing at home with a lousy movie, a box of candy and your finest pajamas.


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Country Songs That Capture Lovelorn Pain And Hardship

Did your wife leave you? Did the plant shut down? Are you wallowing so far down the bottle that you can barely lift your head to cry all over again?


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs to Say Goodbye To Summer

I am at a loss. Where did the summer go? Yesterday’s Memorial Day barbeque is today’s Labor Day weekend bash. Before… Read More


Friday Mixtape: 10 Songs To Ease Your Dating Anxiety

Maybe dating is the new marriage?


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Musical Kiss-Offs

Do you ever wish you could tell a worldwide audience how your ex inspires you to slump into fits of rage blackouts?


5 Ways Playing The Piano Makes You A Better Dater

When you were 8, diligently hammering out your scales and forming a hate-hate relationship with your metronome.


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Songs Dedicated To Love Come And Gone, Real, And Imagined

Maybe I should just stick to drummers.


Friday Mix Tape: 10 Karaoke Songs To Make You Feel Alive

I don’t care if you can’t sing; screaming like a dying animal is practically a requirement as you summon your inner Beyonce or Boy George.