How Marissa Mayer Met Her Husband

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Two Celebrities Got Engaged Today, and We’re Pretty Thrilled For One Of Them!

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‘Archie’ Comics: Surprisingly Progressive Relationship Commentary

How Archie Comics became pop culture’s most progressive relationship commentary when you weren’t looking.

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6 Characters You Wish Were Your Wingman (or Wingwoman)

If these TV characters were your friends in real life, you would not be single. Probably.


Quiz: Which Doctor Are You Most Compatible With?

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Will McAvoy’s Guide To Women

Hey guys. Listen up. It’s me: Will McAvoy. Yeah, I know, I’m moonlighting for a dating website but listen closely, especially if you’re a woman: I know what I’m talking about.

Daft Punk Helps You ‘Get Lucky’ With New Condoms

Well-aware that Daft Punk’s single ‘Get Lucky’ will be taking over the summer of 2020 as its anthem, it was only a matter of time that Durex capitalized on it.

sad single

Princeton Mom’s New Book Will Make You Feel Sad, Single, Barren

In “SMARTEN UP!” , Susan A. Patton will “confront the realities” of modern womanhood, including “the limited number of years a woman can bear children” and “how the current hook-up culture diminishes women’s self-esteem.”

The History of Sex on Film

Take a ride on the wayback machine for a look at the history of sex on film.