The Dating Wire: Clint Eastwood Involved in Possible Wife Swap (!)

Clint Eastwood and his ex have been seen out and about with another pair of ex-spouses.


The Dating Wire: What It’s Like to Go to a Twerking Class

Apparently it takes a “core like granite.”


The Dating Wire: When Couples Tattoos Go Bad

Why would you choose produce to tattoo permanently on your body as a sign of everlasting commitment?

bottle opener

The Dating Wire: 5 (Scientifically Proven!!) First Date Conversation Topics

Also, Bang With Friends is back, and the Fifty Shades movie finally has an Anastasia Steele.


The Dating Wire: It’s Now Legal For Women to Wear Pants in Paris

Also, pictures of this happy couple are guaranteed to make you want to go on a first date.


The Dating Wire: Oh Good, a Cup That Says “You’ve Just Been Roofied”

Also, a mattress built for cuddling.


The Dating Wire: Watch Patrick Stewart Giggle With His Girlfriend (He Is Wearing a Hoodie.)

“Our buns are the best!” Quoth he, giggling.


The Dating Wire: Guys Who Wear Blackface in Dating Profile Pictures Exist

What is wrong with people.


The Dating Wire: Kurt Vonnegut’s Favorite Sex Manual (For Beginners)

Also, a man wrote a song dedicated to his (now deceased) wife of 75 years and entered into a contest and, brb, crying.

jesse use

The Dating Wire: Martha Stewart (Tipsily?) Tweets During a Date

Also, a couple who got married on a commercial airline with Jesse Tyler Ferguson! (?)