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Jan 10, 2020
Vocab Lessons: ‘Gold Star’ Gay Man

Apparently, they’re few and far between…

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Nov 19, 2020
Why Don’t We Have a Male Equivalent of “Mistress”?

Leaving aside whether an affair made public is even worth talking about, we can at least use language that isn’t charged.

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Nov 7, 2020
There’s No Good Female Equivalent for the Word “Bachelor.” Let’s Fix That.

Everyone already has the right associations with “bachelor,” and there’s nothing inherent in the word that means it has to apply to men.

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Sep 25, 2020
“Spiteful Dressing” — It’s A Guy Thing, Too

I knew, that he knew, that I KNEW those were the shorts, and the haircut, and the sweater and the everything else.

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Aug 23, 2020
Anchorman Accidentally Asks Weather Lady If He Can Fondle Her On Live TV

You’re right, weather lady. This is too much fun.

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Aug 7, 2020
9 Grocery Store Pickup Lines Smoother Than Peanut Butter (The Smooth Kind)

“What’s your favorite late night snack? Pie? I’ll buy 6 of them. That way you’ll have something to munch on after our fierce yet tender bang sesh.”

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Jun 7, 2020
The Necessity of the Post-Drunken Hookup Summit

You can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

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May 23, 2020
Vocab Lessons: A “European” Marriage

Do Americans make too big a deal out of cheating?

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May 8, 2020
Popcorn Flirting: The Flirting That Gets You Nowhere

Popcorn flirting isn’t bad for you; it’s just a little unsatisfying.

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Apr 30, 2020
Fancy a Snog, Love? British vs American Sex Slang

When my friend Sarah was studying abroad in the UK, a guy once asked her if she fancied a snog, and she thought he was offering her a cigarette instead of suggesting they make out.

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