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An Ode to Long Walks on the Beach — Top Moments In Pop Culture (Video)

Make fun all you want, but there’s just something about long walks — often on the beach — that makes people swoon. We’ve compiled a supercut of this phenomenon in movie scenes for your enjoyment.

April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Significant Other

Watch a few amazing pranks, and then tell us the ones you’re plotting to execute this year.


Apparently This Is How You Ask Out Mila Kunis

This is how you seize an opportunity.


How Not to Get Bored With Sex in Your Longterm Relationship

Esther Perel has made a career out of figuring out the secret to good sex with a longterm partner.


What’s Valentine’s Day Really Like at White Castle? (Video)

What’s it really like for couples spending their Valentine’s Day at this most unique of burger joints? We sent reporter Justin Silverman to survey the scene at a Brooklyn Love Castle.


Watch This and Be Thankful For Online Dating

Just in case you needed a dose of thankfulness for just how far digital dating has come! (And that mullets are no longer in style.)


How a Couple’s YouTube Breakup Announcement Went from Twee to Beautiful

I was expecting something self-indulgent and cheesy. Instead, I found something beautiful, heartbreaking, and all too relatable.

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Love in the Time of Robots: A New Dating Advice Show You Won’t Want to Miss (Airing Tonight!)

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What Would You Do?: Boyfriend Fakes Plane Crash/Certain Death In “Cute” Marriage Proposal