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The Love Seat: Meet George

This 26-year-old bank investigator and native New Yorker loves food, a good hemline, and spontaneous women. Be prepared to have fun and laugh tons. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Elyse (only the tall need apply)

As publicist to some of the best-known children's book authors, Elyse is used to arranging interviews and asking questions, not answering them. She also happens to be one of the coolest women I know in New York. Whether she's throwing fabulous parties, cheering for London in the World Cup, or running a charity 5K, this 29-year-old is good company and a great friend. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Yosh

Today, meet Yosh, a young intellectual who is looking for Mr. Right but is also open to just having a good time. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Jonathan

Meet Jonathan, a 46 year old New-Yorker who likes his dates to have a good sense of humor and irony. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Maya (and play some games)

Meet Maya, a 25-year-old New Yorker who likes her dates to be gentle...and original. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Reni, Lover of Cupcakes, Beer & Shoes

Meet Reni, a 32 year old all-around-cool girl. She's a nurse in a surgical recovery room, has been in NYC for 14 years, is hilarious, likes cool haircuts and just signed up for HowHookup. Read full article »

The Love Seat: Meet Egbert (& Take Him By Surprise)

I find physical environment to be extremely intriguing. I love being in new places. Whether by bike or car or train or plane, experiencing somewhere new is my kind of adventure. Of course, this could mean going to a gallery in town that I've never been to, or a new restaurant, a different part of town, and that would be great, but there's also something exciting about everything around you being different, not just the building you're in. Read full article »

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